Photometric StudyPhotometrie-2d.png

As it is rarely possible to achieve exhaustive tests in most LED lighting projects, therefore it is necessary to conduct a Photometric studies  used to simulate lighting designs for projects, before they are done/.to carry out simulations by implementing bright spots to verify compliance with standards and aesthetics while obtaining a uniform brightness.

Photometry is the science of measurement of visible light in terms of its perceived brightness to human vision. Brightness is the light output measured on a surface that receives light. Its unit of measurement is the Lux or Foot-candle.

Whether, for a major or small project, photometry is necessary and ensures an optimal and great quality LED lighting.

Do you want to know how many Highbay, tubes or projectors you will need to light your warehouse or commerce?

Photometry gives the exact number of Lux at floor level depending on the type or model of product you will use.
In addition, the number of projectors needed vary depending on the voltage of installed products, and the costs will be assessed accordingly.

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