Photometric Study

Lighting is a science and we have made a lot of progress since the discovery of fire and wax candle lighting. Thus, through the different lighting technologies, there is great improvement in the efficiency and the luminous flux of the bulbs and luminaires. Behind this evolution, there are a multitude of terms and measures to determine the quality of light.

It is rarely possible to perform life-size tests in most LED lighting projects. It is therefore essential to be able to carry out simulations of implantation of the luminous points to check the compliance with the standards as well as the aesthetic appearance while obtaining a uniform lighting.

Photometry is the science that measures the visible light rays, that is, the perceptive light from the human to the naked eye while the illuminance is the luminous flux measured on a surface that receives the light. Its unit of measure is the lux or the foot candle.

Whether for a major project or less important, photometry is essential and ensures optimal lighting and quality.

Want to know how many HighBay, tubes or projectors you will need to light your warehouse, parking or business?

Photometry accurately gives the number of lux floors according to the type / model of product that you will use to illuminate. Also, the number of projectors required will vary according to the wattage of the installed products and the costs will be evaluated accordingly.


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